Embracing an Enterprise-Wide View

The CEO Perspectives program accelerates executives’ understanding of what it means to be a part of the C-Suite by broadening their leadership perspectives from a business unit or functional level to an enterprise-wide level. Participants explore topics centered around the “CEO Agenda” – those issues, decisions, and responsibilities that every CEO must address with the support of their executive leadership team. As they gain new frameworks and insights, participants expand their peer networks on a cross-industry basis.


have acquired new leadership insights that changed their way of thinking

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have become CEO since entering CEO Perspectives


rate their CEO Perspectives experience as extremely valuable

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have served on a public company board


developed a strategic network of peers during the CEO Perspectives program

CEOP Fellows

About the CEO Perspectives Experience

Participants attend six, 2-day modules over the course of the year, which are held in person in Chicago. Modules are intentionally spaced to allow time for reflection and action, enabling participants to experiment with ideas while they maintain their day-to-day responsibilities. As part of each module, participants discuss their actions, outcomes and insights from the prior module for additional peer learning.

What Makes CEO Perspectives Unique

CEO Insights

Participants engage in candid discussions with over 20 sitting CEOs of Fortune 500 and select growth companies during the program. The candor, breadth of experiences and diversity of leadership styles presented by these CEOs offer unparalleled, real-world perspectives and insights.

Faculty and Executive Speakers

Strategic Succession Planning

“CEO Perspectives has become an integral part of John Deere’s leadership development. The combination of CEOs and thought leaders provides a unique opportunity to learn and gain valuable insights into the topics confronting CEOs and what it takes to be a successful leader.”

John May

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Deere & Company

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2015

John May

Professional and Personal Development

“The most valuable investment in my personal development. Will have an impact on my career for years to come.”

Deidra Merriwether

Chief Financial Officer, Grainger

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2016

Deidra Merriwether

The Power of the Program

“For anyone aspiring to be a CEO or in a leadership role of influence, CEO Perspectives is an exceptional experience and second to none.”

Kunal Kapoor

Chief Executive Officer, Morningstar

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2013; Corporate Leadership Center Board Member

Kunal Kapoor

World-Class Faculty & Thought Leadership

“I gained insights from world-class leaders around growth, innovation and shaping a best-in-class culture for our people to reach their full potential.”

Lori Goltermann

Chief Client Officer, Aon

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2019

Lori Goltermann

The Value of CEO Perspectives

“CEO Perspectives is a comprehensive, thoughtful, meaningful yet deeply human examination of what it means to be a CEO.”

Stephen Palacios

SVP, Marketing & Innovation, Bush Brothers

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2021

Stephen Palacios

Engagement with Prominent Civic Leaders

Corporate Leadership Center and the McCormick Foundation each sponsor a non-profit CEO to bring valuable civic perspectives to each cohort and support the work being done in the community.

“CEO Perspectives helped me better understand the challenges our corporate partners face and be a better partner to them in the work that we do together.”

Sean Garrett

Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Chicago

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2021

Strategic Network of Leaders

Since its inaugural class in 2005, CEO Perspectives boasts approximately 450 Fellows, representing top executives from over 80 leading corporations. This community of business leaders and faculty provide a powerful source of ideas, information, and peer support, and is considered one of the most valuable assets of the program.

“I've made friends that will transcend my professional career and learned so much that has grown me as a leader. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to embark on this career changing journey.”

Damien Harmon

Senior Executive Vice President, Customer, Channel and Enterprise Services, Best Buy

CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2020

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